Bride To Be Boot Camp™ & Bridal Party Class Packages

8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™


Oh you beautiful, blushing, bride to be! If you think you're fabulous now, wait until you complete my 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™. Forget about the toaster ovens, vases, and those gifts you and your new hubby will sneak and return. Get your body ready to slide easily and with much finesse into all those Bridal Shower bedroom items that will be modeled by you for your soul mate.


Slim down, tone up and work that wedding gown!

Get the complete 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™ 1 hour workouts: fat burning cardio workouts, toning and strength exercises and core exercises, get tips on healthy eating and tasty, healthy recipe tips.  You will look fantabulous on your wedding day.  Don't depend on the scale. Depend on those monthly wedding gown fittings to measure your progress.


Feeling fabulous already? Want more than an 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™?  No problem I have the perfect 4 month program for you and your Bridal party.




 Package 1 (Bride only) 3 times per week

*Want to make future hubby smile, add him for free


Package 2 (Brides Maids~Minimum 4) 2 times per week

*Bride is free ($52 savings)


Package 3 (4 months~Package pricing varies based on brides needs) 3 times per week

*Includes phone coaching