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If your goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle and you want to improve eating habits, drop body fat, increase your fitness levels, have great fun while sustaining your newly sculpted body, Tone At Home Fitness is for you! You are given a high quality personalized health and fitness program developed to strengthen, tone, lose body fat, burn calories, build endurance, decrease chances of chronic diseases, with a support system designed and implemented based on your fitness level. All programs are designed for the whole person.



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Service areas (within 25 miles of Spring Valley, CA): Spring Valley, Bonita, Chula Vista, Otay Ranch, Rancho San Diego, El Cajon and San Diego.


Nutrition Coaching Program

Clearing the toxins from your kitchen

This integrative Nutrition Coaching Program Is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and a successful exercise plan.  Clients will learn how to make smarter nutrition choices and follow a person centered fitness program to help transition into their weight and fitness goals.

There are 4 phases client and coach will go through together to guarantee success.

  1. Pantry cleanse & check list
  2. Remodel must haves
  3. Longevity
  4. Meal Mapping Tour


These 4 phases will teach clients how to optimize nutrition and rid their lives of problematic behaviors that cause weight gain and binge eating.


Backyard Boot Camp™

My fitness boot camp combines motivation and a variety of exercises and drills such as speed training, agility drills, strength training; a total body workout in a high energy environment.

Backyard Boot Camp™ is run by Theresa Wells, creator of this energetic, full body, toning workout. It is specifically designed for all fitness levels to develop improvement in strength and toning and agility.  Everyone will experience total Fitness. Whether they are involved in youth sports, an elite athlete, people that want to lose weight, tone up, or increase their cardiovascular endurance or build muscle mass.


8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™

Oh you beautiful, blushing, bride to be! If you think you're fabulous now, wait until you complete my 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™. Forget about the toaster ovens, vases, and those gifts you and your new hubby will sneak and return. Get your body ready to slide easily and with much finesse into all those Bridal Shower bedroom items that will be modeled by you for your soul mate.        

Slim down, tone up and work that wedding gown!

Get the complete 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™ 1 hour workouts: fat burning cardio workouts, toning and strength exercises and core exercises, get tips on healthy eating and tasty, healthy recipe tips.  You will look fantabulous on your wedding day.  Don't depend on the scale. Depend on those monthly wedding gown fittings to measure your progress.

Feeling fabulous already? Want more than an 8 Week Bride To Be Boot Camp™?  No problem I have the perfect 4 month program for you and your Bridal party.



The most intense MAX Interval Training workout program ever, designed to transform your body into a fit, toned, power house of sculpted SEXY.  You will burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.  For those who are ready to work hard, drip sweat and ignore the voice that says, “This is too hard!” Be ready to “DIG DEEP!” Sound familiar? It should. Those are the words of Shaun T. Celebrity Fitness Trainer for Beachbody. You can now hear those words in your home. Coach Wells, trained and certified Insanity Fitness Instructor and Beachbody Coach is bringing you Insanity!



Zumba combines a high-energy cardiovascular workout with pulsating Latin music into a fun, calorie burning experience. It incorporates many dance styles including merengue, salsa, chacha, mambo, cumbia, reggaeton, belly dancing, flamenco and more. ZUMBA does not require dance experience. Come shake, shed & shimmy those pounds away. Anyone can Zumba!  People of all ages, fitness levels, and dancing abilities can have a blast while getting a good workout at their own level.

Zumba fuses Latin & multicultural rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will make you dance like nobody’s watching.  You can’t help but to want to work out. You will be hooked. Zumba Fanatics achieve long term benefits while having an absolute blast.


Personal Training ~Private & Small Group ~Mobile Services

I come to you! I’m your Fitness Concierge. Consider your personal fitness sessions not just a workout experience but an educational experience. Unlike most fitness professionals, I teach you about proper nutrition and how to shop for the right foods to power your workouts. You will also learn correct form and techniques for increased movement and flexibility. While working out in the convenience of your home you will experience Low to high impact interval training for burning fat, strength and toning exercises to promote weight loss. Your one hour personal fitness sessions will enhance your overall well-being. Your work productivity will increase because your energy level, cognition and alertness will improve just from following a fitness program designed especially for you.



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