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How many of you want to feel better? Look better? Feel supported and see results? I’m sure everyone reading this post does. How many of you want to have all these things in your life without feeling guilt trapped into it? Another “Yes” from everyone reading this post.

Exercise and good nutrition aren’t just for weight loss and looking hot in your swim suit. It’s about learning to workout smarter. Learning to eat better, have more energy, sleeping comfortably for better recovery and healing faster than you normally would from injury. All this without losing interest and learning to have fun while exercising. All of this you can do while learning how to better care for yourself.

Now who wants an active, healthy, fun, fit invigorating life? YOU do!

If you’re ready, I mean truly ready to eat better and feel better and lower stress levels with a supportive  non-guilt environment, I have the program just for you. Remember that online course I keep buzzing in your ear about?  It’s on track to release very soon. Stay tuned for more juicy information.

I know you would like to know more about eating and feeling better, and make better decisions about your health. I want to give you more. So, if you’re interested in pre-ordering your online course, I am readily available to chat.  

Be sure to follow us for that launch date.   Eat Better Feel Better 



Choosing The right Fitness Program For You: A Guide To getting Started

My job as your coach is to help you find a solution. A solution to your problems around fitness and how to achieve your goals; which lead to your desired outcome. By doing so I am making it clear, simple and not so frustrating for you to get started on getting life back. Getting your health and life back. A big part of all this is knowing you are speaking to a trainer or coach that is actively listening to what you say you need from them, to achieve your goals. Once you tell our perspective trainer or coach what that is, they will be better able to help you understand what it means to commit yourself to doing what it takes to get you where you want to be.

When you have been away from the gym for months or even years or maybe never worked out at all, it can be daunting, scary and confusing. Especially, when you walk into a gym and see all the equipment you have access to. But you have no clue how to use it. You don’t know what machine does what or targets what muscle group or the benefits to you. Let alone, knowing if  you are working out the target areas you want to work on. Even outdoor boot camps and working with a mobile fitness trainer (comes to your home or business), can be intimidating. Trust me I get it. I ”‘over”-stand. I’ve been there and even though I am a coach and trainer, I too need to be coached and reminded of what I should be doing. No matter your fitness level, we all go through this to some degree. This is why it is so important for any trainer or coach to educate you on what you need to know in order to succeed in accomplishing your goals. A coach or trainer that understands fitness is not only physical but carries much emotional and mental stress for many people.

During your process of discovery, you will encounter questioning yourself: What or how do I want to do this? How do I get started? Who can I go to? Am I ready? Is this going to cost a lot? What if I don’t get the results I want? How long is this process going to take? And so on. Counteract yourself these questions: What are my goals? Why are these important to me? How committed am I on a scale of 1 - 10? What is my motivation? If you are unsure, a good coach or trainer will know how to help you discover the answers to your questions. A very good one will be able to help you identify your needs based on the information you provide them. I.E. are you stressed from work or other life occurrences, do you need help making good nutrition choices, not getting enough sleep, not exercising. These all play a role in poor health and nutrition. Part of our job as coaches and trainers is to help you make that connection. Figure out what your needs are. Understanding your needs leads you to the right solution.

Some problems people face when it comes to starting a workout plan is the fight or struggle with accomplishing their goals. Not knowing the reason for your struggle is going to be a continuing problem. Problems that can get in your way of overcoming fitness hurdles are not having a program that fits your desired outcome or goals, having a complete program, not understanding or knowing how to go through your program and little to no support to get through and complete your program. Such as how to make the lifestyle changes needed to be successful in achieving your goals. The right coach or trainer for you will be able to help you along the way.

When choosing a program, choose one that will get you where you want to go. Choose a coach or trainer that you believe will be of great value to you. Someone who you can trust to get you to your destination by not only explaining how a program works but  takes you through your fitness adventure in a way that’s most beneficial to you.

It is very hard overcoming fear, beliefs and other’s opinions. Whatever your doubts are, whatever that hump is you are trying to climb over, don’t let it keep you from becoming a better you. Don’t be the person standing in your own way. Erase the negativity and myths about getting healthy and eating right. Such as, women shouldn’t lift weights because they bulk up like men. Or becoming a vegetarian or vegan won’t allow you to get enough protein or nutrition. All you have to do is eat small portions and enough salad and you don’t have to work out. None of those are true.  Figure out what roadblocks or hurdles are holding you back and then and only then can you begin to make a change.

~Coach Theresa Wells

Quick & easy to make slimming, fat burning, tasty beverages: Keep cool and replenish electrolytes 

Cleanse and get rejuvenated with this Beet & Carrot Juice energizer

4 .0z Beet Juice, 5 o.z Carrot Juice, 1/4 cup Rough chopped fresh Ginger Root, 1/2 Apple small slices, Add all ingredients in blender & blend.

Detox & Energize

Or...Hydrate & replenish those electrolytes while stripping your body of toxins

12-14 Mint Leaves, 3/4 cup rough chopped Fresh Ginger Root, 1 medium Lime peeled and cut into thin or chunky slices, 1 medium lemon peeled and cut into thin slices or chunks, 1 Large Tangerine peeled and cut into chunks, 10 .oz Aloe Vera Juice & 28- 32 .oz water.

Great on those hot days

Great on those hot days





Did you know? Aloe Vera Juice has health benefits & supports our  immune system



Cleanse with Nature’s Elements

Wonderful! You made that commitment to begin leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only did you do this you also decided to prep your body for this new adventure by doing a cleanse first. Dynomite!


Now that you've decided to improve your health, I want to make sure you enjoy your  experience and get the most out of your cleanse. Here are some very simple things you can do to Prep for that cleanse.


  • Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, sugar and smoking and or use of tobacco. Using these items can slow the benefits of your cleanse.

  • Be sure to eat raw and light as possible. Minimize the amount of processed fruits and veggies you consume.

  • NO fast foods. NO processed foods at any time.

  • Drink water before, during and after detox to keep hydrated and reduce any side effects.


Don’t know what to eat during your cleanse? No problemo. Here is some information on juicing:

Energize-Sun kissed foods: Keep your body energized fueling your body from nature. Plants are nutrient packed vessels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Beta-Carotene can be found in Carrots. This veggie helps with anti-aging, vision and skin health.

A fruit that helps with regulating blood pressure, purifies the blood and helps prevent heart and liver disease are Oranges. Oranges also contain flavonoids and vitamin A and C.

Pomegranate Oil-Promotes weight loss and builds immunity and is high in CLA.

For a boost in phytonutrients and keep the blood sugar regulated have an Apple.
Those with Metabolic Syndrome can get relief from Melons. Melons are very high in nutrients and Carotenoids.


Destroying bad habits will be a Breeze with wind plants. The following are jam packed full of nutrients.

Consume tonic and diuretic properties that help cleanse and detox the blood with Dandelion.

For something with numerous amounts of health benefits and rich in protein try Spirulina.

Check your cabinets and seasoning bottles for this baby, Basil. Basil is not only appeasing to the nose but helps in reducing bad cholesterol and preventing certain diseases. Not to mention it being another source of carotenoids.

Need a little kick out of life? Some spice in your day? Eat a Jalapeno. This spicey and lively veggie is packed with vitamin C and helps with weight loss by acting as a thermogenic.

Get assistance hydrating with a Cucumber. Cucumbers reduce inflammation, hydrate the body and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The joy of Pineapple! No depletion in vitamins B and C from this tasty fruit. Good for aiding in digestion, increase in metabolism and promotes vision health.

Got Vitamin A? Romaine not only gives you vitamin A but vitamin C as well. Helps with muscle strength, digestion and weight loss.


Fire up your life. Boost your metabolism with some healthy addictions. Check out this fat burner called Cayenne. It can be used as a pain reliever, aid in digestion and increase metabolism while acting as a tonic for your organs.


Need a super food for a super boost from a superfood that allows nutrients to enter your body while kicking out toxins. Consume MSM. MSM helps repair and build tissue, joints, skin, hair and nails.Excellent form of dietary sulfur.

 Add some Grapefruit to your life. Grapefruit is a carotenoid that may prevent some cancers. It is also a source of Lycopene.

Feeling a bit Ill? Boost your immune system with Ginseng. A natural stimulant for stress reduction and lowering blood sugar levels.

A second source of Lycopene and amino acids is Watermelon. This tasty treat is not only healthy but helps with cardiovascular health and keeps excess fat out of your cells. If you are a runner it’s also good for hydration.

 Get flowing with this hydrating power house of superfood. Flush out toxins with Water.  Alkaline Water will help your body maintain proper PH levels and balance;slowing the aging process and aid in disease prevention.


Our friend the Pineapple is back. You’ve already learned that Pineapple helps with eye health, metabolism and immunity and digestion. Did you know it also has bromelain enzyme? Not just vitamins B and C. Bromelain is a protein extract found in the stem of the Pineapple. It also exists in fresh plants and fruit.

 Have you ever heard of Blue Majik? This baby is an organic extract from Spirulina. It has a high amount of antioxidants, prevents formation of free radicals and reduces inflammation.  


Fluvic Acid aids in digestion by helping the body absorb vitamins and minerals in the food you eat. It is known to carry 70 Chelated vitamins. Found in natural plant sources.

 Mint not just for a breath freshener but also used to reduce headaches and nausea. next time you feel yourself getting air or sea sick chomp on some mint. Digestion issues. Mint helps with that too.


Other water based superfoods : Chia seeds- contains Omegas and fiber. Good for brain function, bad cholesterol and inflammation. Coconut Nectar has several amino acids and rich in Vitamin B and C. Let’s not forget our friend the Lime. helps with weight loss and skin.


Get down to Earth with some stress relief. Guess who popped up again. Cucumber! Ridding your body of inflammation while hydrating your system.


Don’t say “yuck!” yet. Beets are a sure fire way to detox your liver and give a little mental health boost. Toss in an Apple to protect the heart, reduce cholesterol, boost your immunity.

 Promote skin health, improve vision and fight off aging with some Beta-carotene. You can find this in Carrots. Mix your Carrots with some Cabbage as a source of protein. Prevent certain cancers and fight off diseases.

We’re not done yet with good ol’ Earth. Toss in some Fennel, an ingredient found in most kitchens. This herb contains essential oils, aids with digestion, helps with Anemia, respiratory health and eye care. Top it off with Maca used for athletic performance for endurance athletes and resist outside stressors.

 Here’s a scientific name for ya. Mucana Tribulous this baby converts to dopamine. Helps energy level, your mood and...shhh… your libido.


Relax, relate, release, repair with the Moon.


Repair and and absorb protein, EFAs, amino acids and enzymes with Sprouted Almonds. Balance your Alkaline levels and ease digestion.

 Keep not just yourself but your stomach rested with some Chamomile Tea so your body heals at rest. See how much better you sleep.

Have a sweet tooth? Indulge in some sweet goodness of Medjool Dates. The best way ever to improve skin health, maintain energy and build immune strength.

Partake in Coconut Oil a good fat that lowers bad cholesterol, helps with digestion and metabolism.


Ohhh..WEEEE...Vanilla Bean If i’m going to boost my immunity and fill my body with antioxidants, while reducing inflammation, I want it to taste lovely. It helps relax muscles also.

 I hate going to the dentist. Don’t you? I keep that guy away with Himalayan Salt. Used to aid with dental hygiene. Also good for energy level, skin and organ function. This salty guy contains 84 essential minerals.

After your cleanse is over it’s best not to return to eating the way you were before you began detoxing your body. You don’t want to destroy the healthy lifestyle you began before you even get started.  Stick with raw and fresh fruits and veggies. Always, always drink plenty of water.


During your cleanse, your stomach will have decreased in size and so have your digestive juices. Your meals should now be smaller and more often.



Did you know that what you have in your kitchen cabinet has powerful health properties? 

How many of us have spices in our cupboards that we don't use? We either never heard of them or we don't know how to use them. Many of those spices have healing properties and can also be used to relieve things like inflammation and swelling. Like Garlic, Ginseng and Cinnamon. Others like Turmeric, well...what is that about? Let's look into this plant based spice called Turmeric.

If you have had mustard or Caribbean or Indian cooking, you've had turmeric. But that isn't anywhere close to benefiting from Turmerics health properties. This plant based cousin to Ginger is also used to dye fabric.

Turmeric has what is called an active ingredient. This ingredient is Curcumin, which has been researched for cancer treatment, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Allergies and Arthritis. There are many other uses for Turmeric and chronic diseases. Turmeric can also be used  to treat headaches, tummy aches and diarrhea. It can be used to heal wounds and for illnesses such as Bronchitis and lung infections.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Chines and Indian culture for its medicinal properties.

The oil in Turmeric is ussd in perfumes,. It's used for coloring in foods, It can be used in it's raw form or powdered form. Like Ginger it can be peeled or grated. Caution: It will die your fingers and clothes. Be sure to wear cooking cloves and protect your clothing and chopping boards.

Now when you open that cupboard, you can use your Turmeric and know what your using it for and how. Feel a little cold coming on, grab your Turmeric.

Here's a cooking tip: Add Turmeric into a pot of boiling rice and get that earthy,warm and mild spicy flavor. Be sure to wash the rice before cooking not after. You do not want to wash the Turmeric off your rice.


Benefits Of Organic Raw ~ Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar    Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

The Apple a day that will keep your doctor away.  One of the best health tips you can ever get.

Apple Cider Vinegar has an abundance of health benefits from detoxifying your body to healthy skin.  Research has found that Apple Cider Vinegar is tied to positive effects on detoxification, weight loss, cancer (helps balance alkalinity in the body), asthma, depression, diarrhea, diabetes, high cholesterol, bloating, heartburn and arthritis, (Webster, Sandy-IDEA Fitness).

Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fermented ripe apples. The strand like chains of protein enzyme molecules at the bottom of the bottle is called "Mother." It's supposed to look that way. It is not a sign that it has gone bad.  "Mother" is where all the raw enzymes are kept.  It is gentle on the stomach and promotes healing and has energizing qualities. Try some just before a workout or any exercise program.

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent source for a skincare regimen.  Take 1 - 2 teaspoons, 3 times per day; diluted in 8 .oz glass of purified water as a health drink.  It can also be applied topically to  your skin. Just be sure to dilute it first and test on a small hidden area of your face to be sure you do not have any type of reaction.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also tasty on salads, veggies and many foods. I heard it's tasty sprinkled over Popcorn. Remember nutrition is just as important as any exercise program.


Coach Wells’ Cross Training Core Workout

The workout provided for you below can be done at home, hotel room during travel, any gym or outdoor area. If you have a long enough lunch break you can do this in your office or grab some co-workers and make this a part of an office competition.  Great for team building and ropes exercises for those corporate retreats. If you're a P.E. teacher trying to help your students pass that Fitness Gram,  take them through this workout.  All of your students will pass the first time. One less graduation requirement to worry about. Busy mommies! You should be all over this. Baby is asleep or in that play pin, get that workout in.

Part 1 – repeat 3 times                                     Bonus Round

10 Scissors                                                                  100 pushups:

10 V-Ups                                                                      100 squats: 50 closed stance squats, 50 wide stance squats

10 Knee Crunches

200 Crunches

30 Leg Raises

100 Crossovers

20 Superman

10 Windshield Wipers

20 Side Crunches

20 Side Hip Raises

10 Roll Ups

1 min Supine Plank

10 Circles

20 Hip Raises


Target areas: Gluteus, hip flexors, abs, spine, oblique,lower back, abductors, adductors.


Part 2- other options

Zumba                                                      Strength and toning exercises

Swimming                                               30 – 60 min. easy run followed by 4X100m strides

Cycling                                                     30 min. Insanity (Beachbody workout w/Shaun T)



Here is a recipe for a quick pick me up or sweet tooth.

Chocolate Ginger Wake Up Call

6 ice cubes
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup Almond milk
4-5 pitted hydrated Dates
4 strips (cut or pulled apart) Crystallized Ginger
4 .oz Dark Chocolate organic low fat yogurt (whatever brand you like)
1 1/2 table spoons Flax seed

Blend all ingredients in blender 

~Coach Wells~