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Educate on the importance of nutrition and exercise while promoting positive, healthy lifestyles and helping others in the fight against obesity.


HI! I'm Theresa or you can call me Coach Wells. Part of my role as your fitness instructor is to help you reach your fitness goals. Each of you has a different health and fitness objective or your own idea of what your healthy lifestyle should look like. Along your journey you will run into obstacles that are unique to you. I will guide you into understanding what those are, so that you will be able to meet each of your individual needs. That's what fitness is about. The individual. The whole person.

I believe that your fitness, health and nutritional needs are of utmost importance! I am committed to meeting those needs. I welcome the opportunity to learn your health and fitness goals and why they are important to you I know your health is important to you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. You visiting with me today, means you have decided to commit.  Let's commit to a healthier happier you right now.



Tone At Home Fitness opened it’s “car doors” as a mobile fitness support system. Support for individuals looking for a one on one or small group approach to burning fat, eating healthy and keeping fit; all from the comfort of your own home, business or neighborhood park. As your coach, I want to give each client what they don’t get from huge commercialized gyms. Attention, focus, support, personalized nutrition and fitness plans developed for the whole person, the “entire” you. You’re not treated like just another appointment or number on a list. Left fending for yourself when you need that additional help away from the gym or put on hold when you have questions. In addition to your scheduled fitness sessions, you can schedule phone support days. Phone coaching is about human contact, positive social interaction married into that makeover you've been looking for. I want to check in with you to see how you're progressing until the next workout session. It’s just my way of saying, you matter, we care, you'll have positive experiences, help in making your lifestyle transformation from start to finish. Most of all have fun while doing it!


AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, 
Beachbody® Insanity, Todd Durkin's Better Boot Camp, Zumba® License, Creator of Backyard Boot Camp™ and creator of TEENFIT™~Youth Fit Club



Running Clinic, Nutrition Coach, Endurance Athlete, Strength Training, Background In Track & Field

Workshops/Seminars, healthy cleansing & detoxification


*Serving  San Diego, East County and South Bay areas.