Black Health-youth And Their Families:eating Our Way Into Self Destruction 
I welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog. I know it has been some time since i have written. I invite you here today to read and hopefully prompt discussion on health and obesity in our black communities. I will address how we as a culture are destroying ourselves, our families, by eating our way into self destruction. Who am i to bring this topic forward? I used to be the poor example of how to eat and how to slowly kill my body, my household. Gone from overweight and tired all the time to fitness instructor and health and wellness consultant. This is not about me so i will stop here with my turn around and continue on with:
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Black Health-youth And Their Families:eating Our Way Into Self Destruction 

Obesity and poor health is prevalent all over the world and more so in various states and cities. This article will focus on black america and stay close to home. Home meaning the u.S. Our own back yard. There will also be focus on our children that will soon be taking care of us. I don't know about you, but if our young ones and their families don't know how to be healthy, eat right, exercise, commit to a healthy lifestyle, i cannot say i want them taking care of me. So to prepare you, prepare them, we are going to have this dialog, if you will, about black health.Out of everyone, including people of color, black america is the most, unhealthy, overweight, diseased riddled culture. Why? Because we, you, yes you, are eating your way into death, disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, poor vision, bad backs, weak knees and hips, using your bodies as a toxic dumping ground for processed, high in fat and calories,cholesterol,sugary, cancerous foods. Did i mention that heart disease is the number one killer of black women? I just did!African american rates of obesity are higher than white and latino populations. According to a recent cnn report, 36% of black population is obese compared to 29% latino and 24% white populations. 40% of black women overall are obese. Fitness capacity of black women is 3% lower than white women. Men you're just as guilty.African american men's fitness capacity is typically 7% lower than that of white men. Our men are more likely to be obese than white men. 44% compared to 33%. The biggest predictor of premature death is poor physical fitness. As black men and women you need to start if you haven't, continue even on your worst day, strive to thrive, put much attention on reducing weight and  improving fitness. You cannot separate the two! They go hand in hand!

Even our children have reached high rates of obesity. "Healthy people 2010" identified obesity and overweight as 1 of 10 leading health indicators of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese. Back in 2007-2008 16.9% of children and adolescents 2-19 years old were found to be obese. I don't need statistics to tell me this because i see it everyday i set foot on high school campuses. I see it everyday because of my profession. I saw it everyday when i looked in the mirror. Yes. I was a big girl.We as black men and women are more accepting about our physical appearance because of how most of us were raised. We unfortunately are conditioned to believe being overweight and obese is okay. We are brain washed by the terms, " thick" and "big boned." those are words you don't want to hear. You're being called a big piece of meat. Look at raw meat and all the fat attached to it before you cook it. Most will not cut the fat off the neat before they cook it. Just as we don't cut the fat out our diets. It is not cute. It is not sexy. It is unhealthy. So is all the pink, thick, mush and toxins from processed food. You've seen the pictures all over face book and elsewhere. Let's stop perpetuating the stereotype that all black women and men are naturally overweight or obese;that we like being this way.Think about this. In the past 22 years, 1985-2012, there has been a huge increase in obesity in the united states and rates are still increasing. You are those statistics. Our culture represents these statistics. It's time to make a change. It's time to make ourselves over.What's going to get you started on your healthy lifestyle transformation? Are you going to wait until that stroke or heart attack? Are you going to wait until you can no longer lay or sit down because you can feel the pressure of your own weight on your limbs and chest? Or are you going to wait until your child is in the hospital from diabetes or a stroke? Obesity is an equal opportunity employer! It is the only entity that doesn't discriminate!don't be a statistic. Be fit. Be healthy. Be alive!article written by: theresa wells (coach wells)
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